Just relax and enjoy! Easy does it! You only need your Palmo Bag to marry your busy schedule with summer holiday vibes. Our Ocaña family is growing!

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Our family is growing!

Picture yourself soaking up some sun on a golden sand beach meanwhile taking calls and answering emails. Antunéz our towel cross beach bag is the ideal partner for every Ocaña towel baguette.

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Just when you thought the iconic bag can’t get any cuter, we managed to do it! We introduce the mini Ocaña! It is so sweet and huggable you won’t be able to let it go for days.

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Ocaña Mini Pink
Ocaña Mini Pink
Ocaña Mini Pink

Ocaña Mini Pink

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Antúnez Lime Green
Antúnez Lime Green

Antúnez Lime Green

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Who are we?

More About Us

Palmo Collective is a Barcelona-based slow-fashion leather accessories brand, founded in 2020, with the aim of creating timeless and unique pieces with attitude, designs with a fun and extravagant character, made with love to last forever.

 Palmo Collective’s bags are handcrafted and responsibly made with 100% Spanish materials, by local artisans in Barcelona. We manufacture a small number of units of each model, to ensure the exclusivity of each piece, creating limited editions and using dead stocks. 

We go for quality vs quantity.

New Ocaña baguette bag

Palmo collective is calling! Hurry up! What are you waiting for have yours? Get your new Ocaña baguette bag, limited edition.

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Ocaña baguette bag in color block

This winter feels like summer. Enjoy your limited color block collection jumping into this winter!

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