Product Care

With the passage of time the surface of the leather may change slightly,

showing the beautiful effects of wear - thus making your bag a unique and personal piece.


To maintain and preserve your Palmo collective bag, we recommended limiting prolonged exposure to light, heat and humidity. Avoid contact with water, oils, cosmetics and perfumes.


If your bag gets wet, dry it without rubbing to remove any excess moisture and leave to dry fully at room temperature.


Lighter colors are prone to color transfer or stains, so we would also suggest avoiding contact with dark fabrics.


When not in use we recommended storing the bag inside its original dust bag.


To take care of your bag at home you can find products in specialized leather stores. It is advisable not to overfill the article to keep its original shape.


Any questions? Please send us an email to or though our contact page.


Enjoy it and take care of it!